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Tenders From Afghanistan

Agriculture and Service Sectors are the major factors responsible for economic growth in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is endowed with natural resources, including extensive deposits of natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, and precious and semiprecious stones. There are huge potential business growth for Petroleum sector along with huge demand of Afghanistan Tenders, Tenders from Afghanistan, Afghanistan ICBs, Afghanistan bid invitations, Afghanistan Tenders Online, Afghanistan Tenders Notification and Afghanistan Procurements.

Tenders from Afghanistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 242
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Water Management And Capacity Building 08-06-2021
2. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Construction Of 12-classroom Girls School Building Premises With Wash And Other Facilities In Resala Village, Qalat City, Zabul Province 10-06-2021
3. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Construction Of Dasht-e-essa Khan Six-classroom Secondary School With Wash 08-06-2021
4. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Competent Service Providers, Consultancy Company Or In Freelance Capacity In Order To Review And Revise The Existing Neap Strategy On National Protected Area System And Conducting Training To Nepa And Ecw Staff On Revised Strategy In Jawzjan, Samangan And 23-05-2021
5. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Open Policy Advisory Fund(opaf). Technical Advisory Consultancy For The Anti-corruption Commission Of Afghanistan. 22-05-2021
6. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Rents Out The Booths And Facilities On A Monthly Basis 1. Booth No. 12-b Fresh Fruits 2. Crumbol 21-05-2021
7. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Establishment Of Frame Agreement For Supply And Delivery Of Gas Cylinders 08-06-2021
8. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Long Term Agreement For The Provision Of Small Hardware Items And Computer Accessories 03-06-2021
9. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Providing Construction Of Sahil Canal Retaining Wall Phase-iv With Total Length Of (400m) In District-10, Kandahar City 24-05-2021
10. Afghanistan 10-05-2021 Procurement Of Improvement For Bamyanx Province: Lot1 = Improvement Of Balkhi, Irrigation Scheme / Lot 2 = Improvement Of Mahdi Irrigation Scheme / Lot 3= Improvement Of Babur Dara Irrigation Scheme In Yakawolang 13-06-2021
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