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Tenders From Afghanistan

Agriculture and Service Sectors are the major factors responsible for economic growth in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is endowed with natural resources, including extensive deposits of natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, and precious and semiprecious stones. There are huge potential business growth for Petroleum sector along with huge demand of Afghanistan Tenders, Tenders from Afghanistan, Afghanistan ICBs, Afghanistan bid invitations, Afghanistan Tenders Online, Afghanistan Tenders Notification and Afghanistan Procurements.

Tenders from Afghanistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 137
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Afghanistan 02-02-2023 Provision Of Construction Works To Restoration) 4) Department Of Education Department Of Zabul Province Schools 12-02-2023
2. Afghanistan 02-02-2023 Supply And Installation Of Two Complete Sets Of Solar Water Supply systems In Shahrak Muhajereen Center Of Farah Province 10-02-2023
3. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Supply Of Certified Walnut Saplings Local Variety 11-02-2023
4. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 In-kind Poultry Packages 08-02-2023
5. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Providing Of Blankets For Ghazni Province 05-02-2023
6. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Supply Of Shampoo For Dacaar Program 20-02-2023
7. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Supply Of Stable Door And Window For Dacaar Program 11-02-2023
8. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Procurement Of Three Water Networks 11-02-2023
9. Afghanistan 01-02-2023 Procurement Of Tablets For Undp-gfp 15-02-2023
10. Afghanistan 31-01-2023 Construction Of 12- Classrooms High School Building With Wash And Other Facilities In Kharwaryan Village, Qalat City, Zabul Province, Afghanistan 23-02-2023
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