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Tenders From Turkey

Turkey has a free market economy. Turkey is a dynamic and emerging market in the world and its economy is growing very fast. There are huge demand for turkey Tender, Tenders Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Online Tenders, Government Tenders, Bids Offer, Proposals and Contracts all over world.

Tenders from Turkey listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 3123
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. turkey 25-09-2021 Stacking Of 100 Sters Of Shelled Forest Assets That Will Make An Estimated 50,000 M3 Of Various Types. 25-10-2021
2. turkey 25-09-2021 The Education Service Will Be Taken In Zonguldak 18-10-2021
3. turkey 25-09-2021 Distance Learning Course Will Be Purchased Device And Supplies For Recording Studio 12-10-2021
4. turkey 25-09-2021 Security Camera System Setup Service Will Be Received 04-10-2021
5. turkey 25-09-2021 Regulation Of B-type Tali Forest Paths Will Be Taken To Arrange For Applications, Studies, Metrics, Push, Technical Report And Approximate Cost Rulers 01-10-2021
6. turkey 25-09-2021 Service Procurement Of 1 Chief Waiter, 1 Waiter And 2 Cleaning Staff For 24 Months. 19-10-2021
7. turkey 25-09-2021 Information System Materials Will Be Purchased 18-10-2021
8. turkey 25-09-2021 Consumables To Be Used In Animal Health And Other Material Will Be Taken 05-10-2021
9. turkey 25-09-2021 Renewal Package Will Be Purchased For Server And Client Management Software 19-10-2021
10. turkey 25-09-2021 Agricultural Water Management, Maintenance Repair, Plant Pattern Detection, Rusubat Cleaning With Car Rental Services Will Be Taken 22-10-2021
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