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Tenders From Turkey

Turkey has a free market economy. Turkey is a dynamic and emerging market in the world and its economy is growing very fast. There are huge demand for turkey Tender, Tenders Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Online Tenders, Government Tenders, Bids Offer, Proposals and Contracts all over world.

Tenders from Turkey listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1946
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. turkey 04-07-2020 Right Of Easement Will Be Established In 5 Treasury Lands In Erdemli 14-07-2020
2. turkey 04-07-2020 Providing Design Of Salacak Shore Within The Given Limits 01-09-2020
3. turkey 04-07-2020 Application Projects And Preparation Of Tender Documents Will Be Taken. 24-07-2020
4. turkey 04-07-2020 Purchase Of Diesel (other) 310.000 Liters Unleaded Gasoline 95 Octane 15.000 Liter 28-07-2020
5. turkey 04-07-2020 Mild Steel Carrier Prefabricated Will Be Purchased 27-07-2020
6. turkey 04-07-2020 Purchase Of Electric Bike 20-07-2020
7. turkey 04-07-2020 Purchase Of 49 Items, 900 Pieces Of Various Sizes For Use In Service Vehicles Of Diyarbakir Provincial Police Department. 21-07-2020
8. turkey 04-07-2020 Medical Supplies Will Be Purchased 24-07-2020
9. turkey 04-07-2020 1 Flash Point Tester 14-07-2020
10. turkey 04-07-2020 Purchase Of Alcoholeter Device With Kit (180 Unit) 20-07-2020
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