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Tenders From Turkey

Turkey has a free market economy. Turkey is a dynamic and emerging market in the world and its economy is growing very fast. There are huge demand for turkey Tender, Tenders Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Online Tenders, Government Tenders, Bids Offer, Proposals and Contracts all over world.

Tenders from Turkey listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1901
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. turkey 18-04-2024 9 Items Of Various Locomotive Machining Materials 09-05-2024
2. turkey 18-04-2024 Sleeper Compartment Furniture - Personnel Furniture (2 Items) 08-05-2024
3. turkey 18-04-2024 Z-closing Tap Handle - Faucet (dmu) - Nozzle Set - Cartridge Water Filter - Bidet Pipe Aerator - Wall Outlet Tap Head - Bidet Automatic With Spiral Hose - Adjustable Shower Set Double Wings - Thermostat Drain Washer (9 Items) 07-05-2024
4. turkey 18-04-2024 Purchase Of Brake Connection Material 08-05-2024
5. turkey 18-04-2024 Purchase Of 3 Items Of Cable Trays And Bundles For Sleeper And Vip Wagons 08-05-2024
6. turkey 18-04-2024 Level 3 Planned Maintenance And Repair Works Will Be Carried Out In Distribution Facilities. 03-05-2024
7. turkey 18-04-2024 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service Procurement (2024/405575) 26-04-2024
8. turkey 18-04-2024 Construction Work Of Elbeyli Municipality Sewerage Network And Package Wastewater Treatment Plant 13-06-2024
9. turkey 18-04-2024 Construction Work Of Polateli Municipality Sewerage Network And Package Wastewater Treatment Plant 13-06-2024
10. turkey 18-04-2024 Individual Communication And Visibility Consultant 09-05-2024
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