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Tenders From Latvia

Latvia is one of the growing economies in Europe. It is one of the trading center and financial hub. There has been always huge demand for Latvia Tenders, Tenders from Latvia, Latvia International Tender Bidding, Latvia Bid, Latvia Bid Invitation, Latvia Projects, Latvia Global Tenders, Latvia Business Opportunities, Latvia Tender Notification, Latvia Procurement Notices, Latvia Tender, Latvia Government Tender and Latvia Contracts.

Tenders from Latvia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 6840
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Latvia 28-02-2024 Manufacturing, Delivery And Installation Of Five Pontoon Boat Docks In Aizkraukle District, Nereta Association 13-03-2024
2. Latvia 28-02-2024 Discussion On The Purchase Of Fuel For The Institutions Located In The Administrative Territory Of Vilakas City, Vecumu, Susai, Škilbeni, Rugai And Lazdukalnas Parishes 13-03-2024
3. Latvia 28-02-2024 Carrying Out Construction Works To Increase The Energy Efficiency Of The Kekava Sports Club Building, Brivibas Iela 9, Kekava, Kekava District 29-03-2024
4. Latvia 28-02-2024 Production And Installation Of Road Signs 14-03-2024
5. Latvia 28-02-2024 Medical Devices And Equipment 08-04-2024
6. Latvia 28-02-2024 Air Pollution Protection Services 19-03-2024
7. Latvia 28-02-2024 Delivery Of Drones 13-03-2024
8. Latvia 28-02-2024 Carrying Out Construction Works For The Construction Of A Combined Pedestrian Path And Bicycle Path Along The A7 Highway In Kekava Parish, Kekava District, From Plavniekkalns Iela To Naudites Iela 29-03-2024
9. Latvia 28-02-2024 Delivery Of Food Products 29-03-2024
10. Latvia 28-02-2024 Delivery Of Wood Pellets 14-03-2024
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