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Tenders From Latvia

Latvia is one of the growing economies in Europe. It is one of the trading center and financial hub. There has been always huge demand for Latvia Tenders, Tenders from Latvia, Latvia International Tender Bidding, Latvia Bid, Latvia Bid Invitation, Latvia Projects, Latvia Global Tenders, Latvia Business Opportunities, Latvia Tender Notification, Latvia Procurement Notices, Latvia Tender, Latvia Government Tender and Latvia Contracts.

Tenders from Latvia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1163
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Latvia 27-06-2022 Provision For Electricity Supply 2022-2023. Year 13-07-2022
2. Latvia 27-06-2022 Provision For Energy Efficiency Increasing In An Apartment Building At 14 Jaunnes Street, Grobina 19-07-2022
3. Latvia 27-06-2022 Purchase Of Various Medical Simulation Platforms 28-07-2022
4. Latvia 27-06-2022 "supply Of Large Joint Endoprostheses" North Kurzeme Regional Hospital "" 28-07-2022
5. Latvia 27-06-2022 Single-use Array Donor Automated Multicomponent Apheresis Procedure And Anticoagulant Solution Acd-a 28-07-2022
6. Latvia 27-06-2022 supply Of Wood Pellets For The Needs Of Talsi Municipality In 2022/2023. Year 20-07-2022
7. Latvia 27-06-2022 Organization Of Public Involvement Activities Of Daugavpils Innovation Center 03-08-2022
8. Latvia 27-06-2022 Study On The Possibilities Of Using Open Access Satellite Data In Spatial Monitoring Around 2020 28-07-2022
9. Latvia 27-06-2022 Purchase Of Fuel And Additives Adblue 28-07-2022
10. Latvia 27-06-2022 Installation And Maintenance Of The Database 28-07-2022
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