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Tenders From Latvia

Latvia is one of the growing economies in Europe. It is one of the trading center and financial hub. There has been always huge demand for Latvia Tenders, Tenders from Latvia, Latvia International Tender Bidding, Latvia Bid, Latvia Bid Invitation, Latvia Projects, Latvia Global Tenders, Latvia Business Opportunities, Latvia Tender Notification, Latvia Procurement Notices, Latvia Tender, Latvia Government Tender and Latvia Contracts.

Tenders from Latvia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 220
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Latvia 17-01-2019 Printing And Delivery Of The Ogre Municipality Informative Publication ogrenietis . 29-01-2019
2. Latvia 17-01-2019 Delivery Of The Railway Ballast Layer - Stone Chips". 30-01-2019
3. Latvia 17-01-2019 Purchase Of Wheeled Tractor (forestry)". 30-01-2019
4. Latvia 17-01-2019 Delivery Of The Railway Ballast Layer - Stone Chips". 30-01-2019
5. Latvia 17-01-2019 Purchase Of Variable-capacity Single-stage Screw Type Air Compressor 75kw For Adjustable Pressure Up To 12.75 Bar. 04-02-2019
6. Latvia 17-01-2019 Get A Microsoft Premier Support Service. 24-01-2019
7. Latvia 17-01-2019 Delivery Of Patient Monitoring Monitors 28-01-2019
8. Latvia 17-01-2019 Provision Of Construction Supervision Services In The Course Of Major Repairs Of Apartment Houses 30-01-2019
9. Latvia 17-01-2019 Development And Author Supervision Of The Construction Project building Renovation At Veselibas Street 7, Olaine, And Improvement Of The Territory For The Needs Of A Pre-school Education Institution 28-01-2019
10. Latvia 17-01-2019 Supply Of Reagents For Veterinary Haematological Analyzer Bc-2800vet, Mindray, For Biochemistry Analyzer Bs380, Mindray And For Electrolyte Biochemistry Analyzer Corlyte Electrolyte Analyzer, Cormay 14-02-2019
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