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Tenders From Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is predominantly agricultural economy. The nations leading exports are cotton, wool, meat, tobacco, metals (particularly gold, mercury, and uranium), natural gas, hydropower, and machinery the chief imports are oil and gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals, and foodstuffs. There has been always huge demand for Kyrgyzstan Tenders, Tenders from Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan International Tender Bidding, Kyrgyzstan Bid, Kyrgyzstan Bid Invitation, Kyrgyzstan Projects, Kyrgyzstan Global Tenders, Kyrgyzstan Business Opportunities, Kyrgyzstan Tender Notification, Kyrgyzstan Procurement Notices, Kyrgyzstan Tender, Kyrgyzstan Government Tender and Kyrgyzstan Contracts.

Tenders from Kyrgyzstan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 685
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Household And Construction Under The Grzsiks (june) 01-07-2022
2. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Various Household, Construction And Electrical Goods Under The Atp (june) 01-07-2022
3. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Supply Of Materials For Road Construction. 01-07-2022
4. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Transport Support For The Transportation Of Postal Items, Periodicals, Postal Workers Providing Escort, Exchange, Seizure Of Postal Items, Delivery Of Periodicals And Express Delivery 04-07-2022
5. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Materials For The Construction Of A Water Line In The City Of Karakol 05-07-2022
6. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Supply Of Goods Lot No. 1 - Spare Parts For Small Equipment; Lot No. 2 - Paints And Varnishes 01-07-2022
7. Kyrgyzstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Fuels And Lubricants (diesel Fuel, Gasoline Ai (92) 30-06-2022
8. Kyrgyzstan 27-06-2022 Competition For Abz Plant 30-06-2022
9. Kyrgyzstan 27-06-2022 Corporate Development Programme And Stakeholder Participation Programme 10-08-2022
10. Kyrgyzstan 27-06-2022 Consultant Will Support The Client In The Implementation Of The Project Including Piu Support And Construction Supervision 10-08-2022
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