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Tenders From Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is predominantly agricultural economy. The nations leading exports are cotton, wool, meat, tobacco, metals (particularly gold, mercury, and uranium), natural gas, hydropower, and machinery the chief imports are oil and gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals, and foodstuffs. There has been always huge demand for Kyrgyzstan Tenders, Tenders from Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan International Tender Bidding, Kyrgyzstan Bid, Kyrgyzstan Bid Invitation, Kyrgyzstan Projects, Kyrgyzstan Global Tenders, Kyrgyzstan Business Opportunities, Kyrgyzstan Tender Notification, Kyrgyzstan Procurement Notices, Kyrgyzstan Tender, Kyrgyzstan Government Tender and Kyrgyzstan Contracts.

Tenders from Kyrgyzstan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 429
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Buy Other Items. 14-05-2021
2. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Buy Other Services. 14-05-2021
3. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Spare Parts For Car Rga Kara-kulja 17-05-2021
4. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Provision Of Advanced Training 21-05-2021
5. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Supply Of Cable Production 12-05-2021
6. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Gravior Dar. Si. Siuova, Ul. Ertkin C. Norovka 21-05-2021
7. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Lot ?1 Diesel Fuel Summer In The Amount Of 117 326 L. ; Lot Number ┬╗motor Oil M14 B2 In The Amount Of 3,000 L. ; Lot No. 3 Hydraulic Oil And Motor In The Amount Of 836 L. ; Lot No. 4 Motor Semi-synthe 24-05-2021
8. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Lot No. 1 Spare Parts And Components For The Mill According To The List Of Form No. 5. 6; Lot ?2 Bolts With A Nut On The Lining Of The Classifier 1xn -1. 2 M16, L = 70mm. In The Amount Of 70 Kg. Lot No. 3 Furniture And Accessories In The Garage (according 24-05-2021
9. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Equipment For Video Studio To Create Electronic Training Resources For Ripcpr 18-05-2021
10. Kyrgyzstan 10-05-2021 Purchase Of Telephone Sets, Subscriptions And Licenses 17-05-2021
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