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Tenders From Belarus

The economy of is Belarus highly industrialized and largely dependent on the import of energy and raw materials. Trade, services, and the industrial sector are the main sources of economic development.There are huge untapped Business Opportunities in the Belarus. There are huge demand for Tenders from Belarus, Belarus Tenders, Belarus Tender Notices online, Belarus Tender notification, Belarus Global Tender Bidding, Tender Notices, Belarus Public Tender Notices, Invitation for Bids from Belarus, Belarus International Tenders Online, Belarus ICBs around the world.

Tenders from Belarus listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1755
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Belarus 25-09-2021 Air Recyclamp In Assortment, Electric Poultry 30-09-2021
2. Belarus 25-09-2021 Equipment For The Gym 04-10-2021
3. Belarus 25-09-2021 Purchase Of Audit Services For Conducting A Mandatory Audit Of Annual Reporting For The Period Of Activity From 01/01/2021 To 31. 12. 2021 With Phased Service And Compilation Of Audit 11-10-2021
4. Belarus 25-09-2021 Audit Services For Carrying Out A Mandatory Audit Of Annual Accounting (financial) Reporting, Drawn Up In Accordance With The Requirements Of The Legislation Of The Republic Of Belarus, For 2021 Products With A Phased Breakdown Of The Audit 11-10-2021
5. Belarus 25-09-2021 Definition Of A Subcontractor Organization To Perform Work On The Device Of Granite Floors, Steps And Sites At The Station Airfield 25-10-2021
6. Belarus 25-09-2021 Lot ?1 Outdoor Coating Laminated (laminate); Lot ?2 Substrate From Foamed Polyethylene Itp For The Construction Of The Construction Project Project Of Building A Residential Area Cheryomushki In Vitebsk Planning Platform Within The Streets Of The Streets 30-09-2021
7. Belarus 25-09-2021 Purchase Of Extension Of The Use Of Software And Hardware Complex (oco) 01-10-2021
8. Belarus 25-09-2021 Purchase Of Audit Services 14-10-2021
9. Belarus 25-09-2021 Purchase Of The Right To A Computer Program Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business 30-09-2021
10. Belarus 25-09-2021 A Range Of Services For The Provision Of Software Rights And The Introduction Of An Information Automated Control System (iasdu) In Accordance With Technical And Test Tasks 25-10-2021
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