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Tenders From Belarus

The economy of is Belarus highly industrialized and largely dependent on the import of energy and raw materials. Trade, services, and the industrial sector are the main sources of economic development.There are huge untapped Business Opportunities in the Belarus. There are huge demand for Tenders from Belarus, Belarus Tenders, Belarus Tender Notices online, Belarus Tender notification, Belarus Global Tender Bidding, Tender Notices, Belarus Public Tender Notices, Invitation for Bids from Belarus, Belarus International Tenders Online, Belarus ICBs around the world.

Tenders from Belarus listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 668
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Belarus 02-02-2023 Fender Board For The Facility: Current Repair Of Operating Rooms, Corridors, Service Premises, Sanitary Rooms In The Central Operating Unit Of The Republican Scientific And Practical Center For Omr Im. N.n. Alexandrova 07-02-2023
2. Belarus 02-02-2023 Physiotherapy Equipment For The Dkup Uks Orsha District 07-02-2023
3. Belarus 02-02-2023 Cabinet For Drying And Aseptic Storage Of Flexible Endoscopes 17-02-2023
4. Belarus 02-02-2023 Cabinet For Drying And Aseptic Storage Of Flexible Endoscopes 17-02-2023
5. Belarus 02-02-2023 System For Maintaining The Patients Temperature Balance 17-02-2023
6. Belarus 02-02-2023 Ea-36/2023 Maintenance Of Medical Equipment (part 5) 07-02-2023
7. Belarus 02-02-2023 Services For Metrological Certification Of Medical Equipment, Periodic Verification Of Measuring Instruments, Calibration, Periodic Technical Examinations And Testing Of Protective Equipment In 2023 02-02-2023
8. Belarus 02-02-2023 Oxygen Medical Liquid (repeated) 07-02-2023
9. Belarus 02-02-2023 Vitmt No. 65/23-ea Lot No. 1 Ureteroscope For Dkup Uks Orsha District 10-02-2023
10. Belarus 02-02-2023 Fetal Monitor For Dcup Uks Of Orsha District 15-02-2023
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