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Tenders From Belarus

The economy of is Belarus highly industrialized and largely dependent on the import of energy and raw materials. Trade, services, and the industrial sector are the main sources of economic development.There are huge untapped Business Opportunities in the Belarus. There are huge demand for Tenders from Belarus, Belarus Tenders, Belarus Tender Notices online, Belarus Tender notification, Belarus Global Tender Bidding, Tender Notices, Belarus Public Tender Notices, Invitation for Bids from Belarus, Belarus International Tenders Online, Belarus ICBs around the world.

Tenders from Belarus listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 10
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Belarus 25-06-2022 Procurement Of Services For Testing Protective Equipment 28-06-2022
2. Belarus 25-06-2022 Procurement Of Stationery, Roll Paper And Receipt Tape, Consumables For Cash Registers, A4 Office Paper, Electronic Queue Tape For The Second Half Of 2022 06-07-2022
3. Belarus 24-06-2022 Purchase Of Paper Products (roll Paper) For Q3 2022 29-06-2022
4. Belarus 24-06-2022 Current Repair Of External Sewerage With Replacement Of Individual Sections Of The Pipeline 06-07-2022
5. Belarus 24-06-2022 Maintenance Of Fire Alarm And Fire Alarm System – 32 Lots 13-07-2022
6. Belarus 24-06-2022 Performance Of An Underwater Inspection Of Structures And Measurements Of The Water Area Of The Hydroelectric Complex For The Facility: "polotsk Hpp Of The Branch" Polotsk Electric Networks "". 01-07-2022
7. Belarus 22-06-2022 Organization Of Water Consumption Metering At The Facilities Of Branch No. 3 Of The State Enterprise "mgtsn" By Devices With Remote Reading And Data Transmission 10 Devices At 5 Facilities 03-07-2022
8. Belarus 21-06-2022 Purchase Of Cnc Lathe Machine, Belarus 01-07-2022
9. Belarus 20-06-2022 Supply Of A Four-wheel Drive Passenger Car 05-07-2022
10. Belarus 17-12-2021 Provision Of Starch Modified 04-12-2022
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