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Total No Of Tenders - 968
Country Date Summary Deadline
1. Moldova republic of 07-12-2022 Development Of A Functional Extension Of Information System Energy Vulnerability Fund electro-appliances Voucher Program 19-12-2022
2. Latvia 07-12-2022 Execution Of Construction Supervision Works At The Facility "reconstruction Of Ventspils Freeport Pier No. 35a" 21-12-2022
3. Latvia 07-12-2022 Development Of Construction Documentation For The Construction Of Rainwater Drainage In Priekule And Author Supervision 16-12-2022
4. Latvia 07-12-2022 Development Of Technical Documentation "installation Of A Vertical Lift In A Building With Cadastral Designation 4272 0070617 001, Cesu Prospect 5, Priekuli, Priekuli Parish, Cesu County" 13-12-2022
5. Latvia 07-12-2022 Development Of The Technical Documentation "ensuring Environmental Accessibility For The Group Of Premises 42600030241001048 Maija Street 4, Liepa, Cesu District" 13-12-2022
6. Latvia 07-12-2022 Designing And Author Supervision Services For The Objects Of The Municipality Of Saldus Region 27-12-2022
7. Kazakhstan 07-12-2022 Implementation Of Technical Supervision At The Facility "expansion Of Aktobe Chpp With The Construction Of A 57 Mw Gas Turbine Unit With A Heat Recovery Boiler. Construction Of The Electrical Part Of The Connection Of The Gtu-57 Mw To The Outdoor Switchge 08-12-2022
8. Kazakhstan 07-12-2022 Services For Scientific And Technical Processing Of Documents (ensuring Accounting / Safety / Ordering Of Documents) 10-12-2022
9. Kazakhstan 07-12-2022 Services For Holding A Competition For The Design For The New Year 12-12-2022
10. Kazakhstan 07-12-2022 Other Goods For Business Activities 10-12-2022
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