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Tenders From Russia

The economy of Russia is the eleventh largest economy in the world by nominal value and the sixth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).Stable economic growth of Russia resumed in late 2009 and 2010. Despite the deep but brief recession, the economy has not been as seriously affected by the global financial crisis. Stable and steady growth of Russia has created huge business projects world wide. There are numerous Russian Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurements, Online Tenders, Bid Invitation, International Bid Offers, Business Proposals, Contracts and Russian Government Tenders afloat all over world.

Tenders from Russia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 10089
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Russia 21-03-2023 Modernization Of The Guaranteed Power Supply System Sdtu Of The Branch Of Pjsc Rosseti Volga - Chuvashenergo" (16 Sets) 28-03-2023
2. Russia 21-03-2023 Reconstruction Of Vl-10 Kv Salmovskaya No. 4 From Ss 35/10 Kv K. Brod, Vl-10 Kv Gubarevskaya No. 7 From Ss 35/10 Kv K. Brod, Vl-10 Kv Tusm-1 No. 31 From Ss 500/220/ 110/35/10 Kv Penza-2 27-03-2023
3. Russia 21-03-2023 512-portable Device, Pobedit-spm-1 Model 28-03-2023
4. Russia 21-03-2023 Sale Of Covered Wagons Models 11-270 And 11-276 03-04-2023
5. Russia 21-03-2023 511-installation Of Condensate Pumping. 27-03-2023
6. Russia 21-03-2023 Overhaul Of Lifting Electromagnets 27-03-2023
7. Russia 21-03-2023 Dismantling, Installation Of The Se-1250-140-11 Pumping Unit For Cooling Converter Tuyeres 1-3 Of Ccc Pjsc Mmk 31-03-2023
8. Russia 21-03-2023 Relocation Of Storage Tanks 31-03-2023
9. Russia 21-03-2023 Installation Of The Entrance To The Tunnel Along The Row "c" In The Axes "35-37" Ccc Pjsc "mmk" 31-03-2023
10. Russia 21-03-2023 Dismantling, Installation Of A Water Ring Pump Unit 31-03-2023
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