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The economy of Russia is the eleventh largest economy in the world by nominal value and the sixth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).Stable economic growth of Russia resumed in late 2009 and 2010. Despite the deep but brief recession, the economy has not been as seriously affected by the global financial crisis. Stable and steady growth of Russia has created huge business projects world wide. There are numerous Russian Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurements, Online Tenders, Bid Invitation, International Bid Offers, Business Proposals, Contracts and Russian Government Tenders afloat all over world.

Tenders from Russia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 4891
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Russia 18-07-2024 Shipping Is You 30-07-2024
2. Russia 18-07-2024 Supply Of Cutting Fluid (coolant) Gazpromneft Cutfluid Universal Sto 77820966-083-2018 23-07-2024
3. Russia 18-07-2024 The Right To Conclude An Agreement For 907-u310-23/5584.1 Retort Glass I18415.05.000-01 29-07-2024
4. Russia 18-07-2024 907-u420-23/3176 Packages (bags) 02-08-2024
5. Russia 18-07-2024 907-s150-24/483 Webcams, Disk Drives 22-07-2024
6. Russia 18-07-2024 907-u020-24/299 Carrying Out Work Repair And Maintenance Of The Canberra Spectrometer (905-u020-24/150) 19-07-2024
7. Russia 18-07-2024 907-o110-24/472 Ptfe Sheets, Ptfe Rods 01-08-2024
8. Russia 18-07-2024 907-o110-23/1705 Pipes And Pipeline Parts Made Of Fluoroplastic 14-08-2024
9. Russia 18-07-2024 The Right To Conclude An Agreement To Carry Out Work On The Overhaul Of General Ventilation, Span Mn Axis 26, 30, Span Lm Axis 64, 65, Span Zhi Axis 67, 43.47, 50, 60, Span Ezh Axis 64, 66, 122, Span Vg Axis 8, Building Building No. 1 With Basement 29-07-2024
10. Russia 18-07-2024 Right To Conclude Contract No. 21688/624 Paks5,6 Supply Of Steam Generator Blowdown Water Pumps For The Construction Of Power Units No. 5, 6 Of The Paks Ii Npp 22-08-2024
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