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Tenders From Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a developing country in Central Asia. Agriculture dominates the Tajikistan economy with cotton the most important crop. Growing economy of Tajikistan has created lots of of business opportunities all over the world. There are huge demand for Tajikistan Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Bid Invitation, Online Tenders, Proposals, Projects and contracts through out the year.

Tenders from Tajikistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 67
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Tajikistan 15-01-2019 Conducting The Client Perception Survey 25-01-2019
2. Tajikistan 15-01-2019 Supply Of Water Tanks. 22-01-2019
3. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 The Manufacture Of Donation Boxes 15-02-2019
4. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Planning The Process Of Cleaning Irrigation Canals 18-01-2019
5. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Increase The Capacity Of Networks Of Civil Society Organizations To Write Alternative Reports, Protect The Interests Of Persons With Disabilities And Conduct Independent Monitoring Of The Implementation Of Social Policies 10-02-2019
6. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 External Audit (single Entity External Audit Of Global Fund (tgf) Supported Programs) For The Project Implementation Office . 12-02-2019
7. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Provide Commercial Proposals For The Internal Repair And Restoration Work Of The Office And Business Premises Of The Former Office 18-01-2019
8. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Provision Of Printing Services 21-01-2019
9. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Device Mobile Office Of 2 Office Space With A Vestibule (car House) With A Total Area Of 30 M2 18-01-2019
10. Tajikistan 13-01-2019 Purchase Of Medicines, Supplies And Equipment For The Disabled 01-02-2019
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