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Tenders From Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a centrally planned economic structure. Various Measures taken toward establishing a greater market orientation within the economy have been more cautious than in many other post-Soviet countries. There has been huge demand for Uzbekistan Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurement, Government Tenders, Tender Notices, Bid invitation, Offers, Online Bids, RFP, ICBs, Projects and Contracts all over world through out the year.

Tenders from Uzbekistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 148
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Tender For The Purchase Of Video Terminals 04-07-2022
2. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Medical Equipment. 01-07-2022
3. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Appendix No. 1 Indicates The Need, In Appendix No. 2, Technical Specifications For The Purchase Of Medical Equipment. 01-07-2022
4. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Notification On The Selection Of The Best Proposals For The Performance Of Work On The Manufacture Of Mc According To Standard Designs And The Performance Of Construction And Installation Work And Work On The Dismantling Of Inactive Infrastructure Facilit 11-07-2022
5. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Notification Of The Selection Of The Best Offers For The Supply Of Branded (handout And Souvenir) Goods For Mobiuz 11-07-2022
6. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Shut-off And Control Valves. 30-07-2022
7. Uzbekistan 28-06-2022 Supply Of Antioxidant Ao-1076 In Accordance With The Terms Of Reference. 27-07-2022
8. Uzbekistan 27-06-2022 Automation Of Accounting Of Personnel And Wages Based On 1c Accounting For Uzbekistan 03-07-2022
9. Uzbekistan 25-06-2022 Media Content Production And Creative Collaborations As Per Enclosed In The Technical Specification (ts). 01-08-2022
10. Uzbekistan 25-06-2022 Tourism Development In 3 Regions Of The Ferghana Valley 01-08-2022
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