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Moldova continues to make progress toward developing a viable free-market economy. Moldova enjoys a favorable climate and good farmland. Remittances from Moldavian working abroad are also important factor to the Moldova economy.There has been major steps taken towards speedy growth of Moldova economy. There has been numerous project taken by Moldavian government to increase demand for Moldova Tenders, Tenders from Moldova, Moldova Global Tenders, Moldova Tenders online, Moldova Tender Notice Online, Moldova International Tenders, Moldova Government Tenders, Moldova Public Tender Notice, Moldova Business Opportunities, Moldova Tender Information and Contracts.

Tenders from Moldova listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 77
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Moldova 17-01-2019 Feasibility Study Design Services For Infrastructure Projects Submitted To Competition By Client Groups For Financing In 2019 28-01-2019
2. Moldova 16-01-2019 The Acquisition Of School Textbooks For Primary, Secondary And Secondary Education 12-03-2019
3. Moldova 16-01-2019 Need Assessment Among Moldovan Farmers Regarding Information 28-01-2019
4. Moldova 16-01-2019 Contest For The Receipt Of Applications For Funding Of Infrastructure Projects 12-04-2019
5. Moldova 16-01-2019 The Development Of An Information Society By Strengthening A Free And Viable Press, Including New Media, Through Projects Providing Journalism And Public Relations Education, Media Advocacy Campaigns, Research, Media Literacy And Non-profit Journalism Pro 25-01-2019
6. Moldova 16-01-2019 Provision Of The Technical Proposal And Necessary Equipment For The security, Access Control, Video Monitoring And Fire Alarm Systems 25-01-2019
7. Moldova 16-01-2019 Expert Pricing For Reports, Studies, And Research In The Fields Of Media, Elections, Media Law, Media Education, Fact-checking, Media Innovations, Media Monitoring, Etc. 31-01-2019
8. Moldova 16-01-2019 Selecting An It Company That Will Design, Complete With The Provided Content, Hosting, And Maintain A 12 Month Web Site, Preferably Landing Page 26-01-2019
9. Moldova 15-01-2019 Acquisition Of Cash Management Solution. 12-02-2019
10. Moldova 15-01-2019 Drinking Water Supply Services At The Central Office As Well As Its Regional Offices During 2019 28-01-2019
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