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Tenders From Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan economy is in transition phase from a command to a free market economy. The Economy of is predominantly agricultural. Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world to Russia, the United States, and Canada in natural gas and oil extraction. Turkmenistan is a great source of Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Tenders Online, Proposals, Bid Offer, Contracts, ICBs, Public Tender Notices and Turkmenistan government tenders all over world.

Tenders from Turkmenistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 49
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Turkmenistan 21-03-2023 Installation Of Electrical Equipment In The Forest Zone On Candibil Avenue In Ashgabat In Accordance With The Design And Technical Task 22-04-2023
2. Turkmenistan 21-03-2023 State Agency For Road Construction Management For The Design And Construction Of A New Modern Highway With Facilities Turkmenbashi-garabogaz-kazakhstan Border 02-05-2023
3. Turkmenistan 21-03-2023 Construction Of A Cultural And Entertainment Park 02-05-2023
4. Turkmenistan 21-03-2023 Technical Dipstick 2nd Class, Fuel Hose 16-04-2023
5. Turkmenistan 20-03-2023 Purchase Of Material And Technical Resources Lot No.1 - Material And Technical Means Of Signaling, Communication And Power Supply At Railway Crossings 21-04-2023
6. Turkmenistan 20-03-2023 Purchase Of Material And Technical Resources Lot No.3 - Electrical Equipment Lot No.5 - Chemical Products 03-05-2023
7. Turkmenistan 19-03-2023 Consultant For Climate Change Specialist 24-03-2023
8. Turkmenistan 18-03-2023 Implementation Of Halal Standard At Aps -005 Grantee Economic Society (es) Jadyly Cheshme / 30-03-2023
9. Turkmenistan 18-03-2023 Event Management Service For Who Country Office In Turkmenistan 27-03-2023
10. Turkmenistan 18-03-2023 Lot No.1 - Purchase And Supply Of Fiber-optic Cables Lot No.2 - Purchase And Supply Of Accessories For Fiber Optic Cables For Gpon Technology 20-04-2023
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