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Tenders From Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan economy is in transition phase from a command to a free market economy. The Economy of is predominantly agricultural. Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world to Russia, the United States, and Canada in natural gas and oil extraction. Turkmenistan is a great source of Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Tenders Online, Proposals, Bid Offer, Contracts, ICBs, Public Tender Notices and Turkmenistan government tenders all over world.

Tenders from Turkmenistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 66
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Turkmenistan 05-12-2023 Low-carbon Study For The Power Sector In Turkmenistan 16-12-2023
2. Turkmenistan 05-12-2023 Repair And Maintenance Of Export Gas Volume Measuring Devices (evg). 04-01-2024
3. Turkmenistan 05-12-2023 Collection Of Preliminary Applications For Participation In The Competition For The Repair Of Air Conditioners And Electronic Equipment. 19-12-2023
4. Turkmenistan 04-12-2023 Delivering Online Training And Certification 11-12-2023
5. Turkmenistan 02-12-2023 Reconstruction Of Parks 10-01-2024
6. Turkmenistan 02-12-2023 Turkmenistan~s Senagat Jscb Announces Tender For International Audit Of Financial Statements 30-12-2023
7. Turkmenistan 02-12-2023 Purchase Of Reactive Power Compensation Unit And Spare Parts 13-12-2023
8. Turkmenistan 30-11-2023 Purchase Of Technical Chemicals And Reagents 13-12-2023
9. Turkmenistan 30-11-2023 Purchase Of Reactive Power Compensation Unit And Spare Parts 13-12-2023
10. Turkmenistan 30-11-2023 Purchase Of (reactive Power Compensation Device). 13-12-2023
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