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Kazakhstan economy centers on exports of crude oil, base metals, chemicals, food and agriculture. Kazakhstan is the biggest economy in Central Asia. There has been huge demand for Kazakhstan Tenders, Tenders from Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan international Tender Bidding, Kazakhstan Bid, Kazakhstan Bid Invitation, Kazakhstan Projects, Kazakhstan Global tenders, Kazakhstan Business opportunities, Kazakhstan Tender notification, Kazakhstan Procurement notices, Kazakhstan Government Tenders and Contracts all over the world.

Tenders from Kazakhstan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 2508
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Development And Implementation Of A Standard Development Program "inclusive City" For Local Executive Bodies. 08-10-2021
2. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Literature To Replenish The Library Fund 04-10-2021
3. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Acquisition Of A Car 04-10-2021
4. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Acquisition Of Building Materials And Other Stocks 01-10-2021
5. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Auto Parts 04-10-2021
6. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Spare Parts For Cars 01-10-2021
7. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Acquisition Of A Soft Inventory On The Basis Of The Decree Of The Government Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan Dated December 31, 2015 No. 1181 "on Approval Of A List Of Individual Types Of Goods, Works, Services Purchased From Public Associations Of Persons 01-10-2021
8. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Acquisition Of Other Goods 01-10-2021
9. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Egz Finding Quantity Proposals / Electric Motor 01-10-2021
10. Kazakhstan 25-09-2021 Procurement Of Product 01-10-2021
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