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Tenders From Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan economy centers on exports of crude oil, base metals, chemicals, food and agriculture. Kazakhstan is the biggest economy in Central Asia. There has been huge demand for Kazakhstan Tenders, Tenders from Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan international Tender Bidding, Kazakhstan Bid, Kazakhstan Bid Invitation, Kazakhstan Projects, Kazakhstan Global tenders, Kazakhstan Business opportunities, Kazakhstan Tender notification, Kazakhstan Procurement notices, Kazakhstan Government Tenders and Contracts all over the world.

Tenders from Kazakhstan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1734
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Medical Devices And Drugs By The Rfp Method. 25-12-2022
2. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Purchased Medical Devices From A Single Source. 26-07-2022
3. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Gas Fire Extinguishing Maintenance Services (panfilova, 98) 04-07-2022
4. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Provide Telecommunication Services 04-07-2022
5. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Maintenance Services For Electrical, Power Distribution/control Equipment And Similar Apparatus 04-07-2022
6. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Financial Statement Audit Services For 2022" 04-07-2022
7. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Supply Of Sectional Cabinet 04-07-2022
8. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Suppl Of Air Conditioners 05-07-2022
9. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Sending Registered Postal Items And Parcels By Expedited And Courier Service In The Republic Of Kazakhstan 05-07-2022
10. Kazakhstan 28-06-2022 Purchase Of Goods 04-07-2022
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