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Tenders From Georgia

The economy of Gambia is driven by agriculture and tourism.The Industries that are flourishing in this region are: Processing peanuts, fish, and hides, tourism, beverages, agricultural machinery assembly, woodworking, metalworking; clothing. There is huge demand for Georgia Tenders, Tenders from Georgia, Georgia Global Tenders Bidding, Georgia Tender online, Georgia Government Tenders, Georgia Tender Notice, Georgia Tender, Request for Proposals, Government Tender, Georgia Tender Information, Georgia Tender Notice online and Georgia Public Tender Notices.

Tenders from Georgia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 590
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Georgia 13-12-2018 Purchase Of Newspapers, Scientific Journals, Periods And Magazines (subscription - Distribution) For Ivane Javakhishvili State University (cpv 22200000). 20-12-2018
2. Georgia 13-12-2018 Services Research And Experimental Development In The Field 24-12-2018
3. Georgia 13-12-2018 Internet Service 20-12-2018
4. Georgia 13-12-2018 Supply Of Medical Gases 21-12-2018
5. Georgia 13-12-2018 The State Procurement Of Documentation Binding - Documents As A Book (tomato) Packing, Cardboard Insert And Numbering Service. 24-12-2018
6. Georgia 13-12-2018 Public Telephone Service Service 20-12-2018
7. Georgia 13-12-2018 1. The Object Of Procurement Is Procurement Of Telecommunication Services From January 1, 2019 To 31 December, Continuously, Within 24 Hours 2. Purchase Of Telephone Service Service From Telephones Using Gt From January 1, 2019 To December 31, 2019. 21-12-2018
8. Georgia 13-12-2018 Printing And Related Services . 20-12-2018
9. Georgia 13-12-2018 Acquisition Of Office Furniture Within The State Program Of Hepatitis C. 20-12-2018
10. Georgia 13-12-2018 Health Care Services. High Quality Pathologist Research Services. 24-12-2018
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