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Tenders From Georgia

The economy of Gambia is driven by agriculture and tourism.The Industries that are flourishing in this region are: Processing peanuts, fish, and hides, tourism, beverages, agricultural machinery assembly, woodworking, metalworking; clothing. There is huge demand for Georgia Tenders, Tenders from Georgia, Georgia Global Tenders Bidding, Georgia Tender online, Georgia Government Tenders, Georgia Tender Notice, Georgia Tender, Request for Proposals, Government Tender, Georgia Tender Information, Georgia Tender Notice online and Georgia Public Tender Notices.

Tenders from Georgia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1026
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Georgia 21-03-2023 Purchase Of Original Cartridges. 03-04-2023
2. Georgia 21-03-2023 Custom Printed Material 29-03-2023
3. Georgia 21-03-2023 St. Tbilisi, G. Gulua St. Purchase Of Renovation Works Of The 3rd Floor Of The Building N01/10 Of The Administrative Building Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs (s/k In N10. 11-04-2023
4. Georgia 21-03-2023 Preparation Of Detailed Design And Cost Accounting Documentation And Detailed Design And Cost Accounting Documentation For The Construction Of Kindergartens For 50 Children In 6 Villages Of Dusheti Municipality (ananuri Village, Fasanauri Village, Pirmisa 04-04-2023
5. Georgia 21-03-2023 In Order To Meet The Requirements Of The Logistics Department Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs, The Repair Works Of The Building Of The Special Tasks Department Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs No. Located In The Village Of Ganmukhuri, 12-04-2023
6. Georgia 21-03-2023 Insulated Electric Cables 29-03-2023
7. Georgia 21-03-2023 Purchase Of Generator 29-03-2023
8. Georgia 21-03-2023 Purchase Of Tape Cutting And Insulation Removal Tools 29-03-2023
9. Georgia 21-03-2023 Consultant For Data Administration Analyst 26-03-2023
10. Georgia 21-03-2023 Consultant For Tourism Statistics Expert 26-03-2023
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