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Tenders From Georgia

The economy of Gambia is driven by agriculture and tourism.The Industries that are flourishing in this region are: Processing peanuts, fish, and hides, tourism, beverages, agricultural machinery assembly, woodworking, metalworking; clothing. There is huge demand for Georgia Tenders, Tenders from Georgia, Georgia Global Tenders Bidding, Georgia Tender online, Georgia Government Tenders, Georgia Tender Notice, Georgia Tender, Request for Proposals, Government Tender, Georgia Tender Information, Georgia Tender Notice online and Georgia Public Tender Notices.

Tenders from Georgia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 517
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Georgia 25-06-2022 Integrate Tuberculosis, Hiv / Aids, Hepatitis C Screening Into Primary Health Care And Develop Partnerships To Facilitate Early Detection And Treatment Of Diseases In The Kakheti Region. 08-07-2022
2. Georgia 25-06-2022 Higher Education Support Program Sub-program: Support For International Student Research (target Grant) (program Code 32 04 03) Procurement Of Laptops. 05-07-2022
3. Georgia 25-06-2022 Ensuring The Participation Of The Winners Of The Educational Program In The Scientific Camp Located In The City Of Izmir, Republic Of Turkey 05-07-2022
4. Georgia 25-06-2022 1 Year Device Support For Network Internet And Intranet Software Packages (barracuda Email Security Gateway). 04-07-2022
5. Georgia 25-06-2022 The Object Of The Procurement Is The Service Of Drafting Project-expenditure Documentation Required For Asphalting Works To Be Implemented By Ninotsminda Municipality With Accompanying Expertise. Estimated Cost: 05-07-2022
6. Georgia 25-06-2022 Arrangement Of A Square And Exercise Simulators In The Floodplain And Station Settlement In Gori. 05-07-2022
7. Georgia 25-06-2022 Procurement Of Project-expenditure Documentation Preparation Service For Klikijvari Rehabilitation Works In The Village Of Mghebriani, Gori Municipality 05-07-2022
8. Georgia 25-06-2022 The Object Of The Procurement Is The Purchase Of Image Photos Of Tourist Locations Located On The Pedestrian Routes Of Adjara, For The Purpose Of Popularizing New Destinations And Tourist Attractions. 04-07-2022
9. Georgia 25-06-2022 One Year Support Service For Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Slx 05-07-2022
10. Georgia 25-06-2022 Arrangement Of A Square In The Village Of Akhaldaba, Gori Municipality 06-07-2022
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