11921 Active Tenders For CIS Region


Tenders From Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS)

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Total No Of Tenders - 915
Country Date Summary Deadline
1. Moldova republic of 18-04-2024 The Caritas Moldova Charitable Foundation Announces A Competition For The Selection Of An Audit Company 02-05-2024
2. Azerbaijan 18-04-2024 (am059/2024) Procurement Of Asco~s Dog Field Independent Audit Service 25-04-2024
3. Kazakhstan 18-04-2024 Financial Services 2024 23-04-2024
4. Latvia 18-04-2024 Health Insurance" 08-05-2024
5. Latvia 18-04-2024 Health Insurance For Employees Of The Institute Of Solid State Physics Of The University Of Latvia 07-05-2024
6. Kazakhstan 18-04-2024 Compulsory Employee Insurance 24-04-2024
7. Russian federation 18-04-2024 For The Right To Conclusion Of An Agreement For The Provision Of Services For The Receipt, Processing, Storage And Transmission Of Fiscal Data From Cash Control Equipment To The Tax Authorities At The Productions Of The Department Of Public Catering And T 02-05-2024
8. Kazakhstan 18-04-2024 E Portfolio For 2024 Insurance 22-04-2024
9. Pakistan 18-04-2024 Appointment Of External Auditors (t#40/23-24) 02-05-2024
10. Russian federation 18-04-2024 Provision Of Vehicle Insurance Services (casco) 26-04-2024
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