11921 Active Tenders For CIS Region


Tenders From Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS)

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Total No Of Tenders - 559
Country Date Summary Deadline
1. Kazakhstan 15-12-2019 Providing Investment Advisory Services 30-12-2019
2. Russian federation 14-12-2019 No. Zz-47163-19 Provision Of Financial Intermediation (lending) Services By Attracting Commercial Credit For Municipal Needs. 24-12-2019
3. Russian federation 14-12-2019 No. Zz-47570-19 Provision Of Services For The Provision Of Credit To The Budget Of The Municipality "grakhovsky District" 23-12-2019
4. Russian federation 14-12-2019 No. Zz-47065-19 Provision Of Services For Attracting A Commercial Loan 24-12-2019
5. Pakistan 14-12-2019 Providing For Placement Of Funds In Schedule Banks 30-12-2019
6. Russian federation 14-12-2019 Provision Of Accounting And Tax Accounting Services (registry Number "32.1681.19") 23-12-2019
7. Georgia 14-12-2019 The Object Of Procurement Is The State Procurement Of Motor Vehicle Insurance (hereinafter Referred To As Motor Vehicle Insurance) Through A Consolidated Tender. 19-12-2019
8. Russian federation 14-12-2019 The Provision Of Financial Leasing Services For Cars 23-12-2019
9. Russian federation 14-12-2019 Provision Of Services For Opening A Revolving Credit Line And Providing Loans To Finance The Budget Deficit Of The Kantemirovsky Municipal District And Repayment Of Debt Obligations Of The Kantemirovs 30-12-2019
10. Russian federation 14-12-2019 Credit Services 27-12-2019
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