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Tenders From BFIS - Insurance

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Total No Of Tenders - 129
Country Date Summary Deadline
1. Russian federation 30-09-2022 The Provision Of Compulsory Insurance Services Of Auto -citizenship Liability Of The Owner Of Vehicles (osago) In 2023 For The Needs Of The Gbu "dorinvest" 10-10-2022
2. Turkey 30-09-2022 Highways Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance Service Procurement For 134 Vehicles And Construction Machinery 12-10-2022
3. Lithuania 29-09-2022 Voluntary Health Insurance Services 10-10-2022
4. Kazakhstan 29-09-2022 Procurement (services For Civil Liability Insurance Of Motor Transport Owners) Zrdt 1747 06-10-2022
5. Russian federation 29-09-2022 Voluntary Insurance Of Vehicles Of The Branch Of The Moscou "moskow Club" Glavupdk At The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Russia 10-10-2022
6. Lithuania 29-09-2022 Purchase Of Voluntary Health Insurance Services For Employees Of The State Audit Office 04-10-2022
7. Lithuania 29-09-2022 Purchase Of Liability Insurance Services For Managers And Managing Persons 11-10-2022
8. Russian federation 29-09-2022 The Provision Of Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance Services In Relation To Motor Vehicles Mup "podolskaya Heatzet" 13-10-2022
9. Russian federation 29-09-2022 Auction In Electronic Form For The Provision Of Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of Vehicle Owners Of The Gbuz "tslo Dzm" In 2023 - 1 Quarter Of 2024 05-10-2022
10. Estonia 29-09-2022 Framework Procurement Of Property And Liability Insurance For Buildings 24-10-2022
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