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Tenders From Afghanistan

Agriculture and Service Sectors are the major factors responsible for economic growth in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is endowed with natural resources, including extensive deposits of natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, and precious and semiprecious stones. There are huge potential business growth for Petroleum sector along with huge demand of Afghanistan Tenders, Tenders from Afghanistan, Afghanistan ICBs, Afghanistan bid invitations, Afghanistan Tenders Online, Afghanistan Tenders Notification and Afghanistan Procurements.

Tenders from Afghanistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 126
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Afghanistan 13-03-2023 30 Mt Dap (di-ammonium Phosphate) & 10 Mt Urea Fertilizer. 22-03-2023
2. Afghanistan 21-03-2023 Baseline Assessment Consultancy Service 26-03-2023
3. Afghanistan 15-03-2023 Car Rental For Transportation Services 23-03-2023
4. Afghanistan 19-03-2023 Cash For Work Through The Construction Of Intake & Canal Kodikhil Village 02-04-2023
5. Afghanistan 09-03-2023 Choghdak Drain Cleaning And Shaping With (l=1800m) Length And Construction Of Drain’s Stone Masonry Protection Wall With (l=340m), In District #4 Of Mazar-e Sharif City - Afghanistan 22-03-2023
6. Afghanistan 17-03-2023 Construction And Rehabilitation Of Park Boundary Wall And Plum Concrete Surface Road With Total Length 269m Of Ziar Masjid (zaid Bin Khitab Masjid) In District-4 Of Nangarhar Province - Afghanistan 29-03-2023
7. Afghanistan 15-03-2023 Construction Child Friendly Space In Southern Region. 21-03-2023
8. Afghanistan 11-03-2023 Construction Of 330m Long Protection Walls In Abshar And Mahal-e-esar Gozar 18/19 In District-7 Of Herat Province - Afghanistan 26-03-2023
9. Afghanistan 11-03-2023 Construction Of 667m Plum Concrete Road In Dawlat Khana-2 Gozar 07 26-03-2023
10. Afghanistan 11-03-2023 Construction Of Charkhak Plum Concrete Surface Streets With 736m Length And Drainage Protection Wall With 96 M Length, In District 3 Of Kandahar Province - Afghanistan 26-03-2023
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