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Tenders From Latvia

Latvia is one of the growing economies in Europe. It is one of the trading center and financial hub. There has been always huge demand for Latvia Tenders, Tenders from Latvia, Latvia International Tender Bidding, Latvia Bid, Latvia Bid Invitation, Latvia Projects, Latvia Global Tenders, Latvia Business Opportunities, Latvia Tender Notification, Latvia Procurement Notices, Latvia Tender, Latvia Government Tender and Latvia Contracts.

Tenders from Latvia listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 997
Countries Date Summary Deadline
11. Latvia 07-12-2022 Execution Of Construction Supervision Works At The Facility "reconstruction Of Ventspils Freeport Pier No. 35a" 21-12-2022
12. Latvia 07-12-2022 Development Of Construction Documentation For The Construction Of Rainwater Drainage In Priekule And Author Supervision 16-12-2022
13. Latvia 07-12-2022 Delivery And Installation Of Gates 20-12-2022
14. Latvia 07-12-2022 Technical Maintenance Of Elevators 19-12-2022
15. Latvia 07-12-2022 Purchase Of Accident Insurance Policies 16-12-2022
16. Latvia 07-12-2022 Delivery Of Cctv Cameras 19-12-2022
17. Latvia 07-12-2022 Clearing Roads From Snow In The Administrative Territory Of Vilani Association Administration 16-12-2022
18. Latvia 07-12-2022 Purchase Of Household Goods For The Needs Of The Municipality Of Jekabpils Region 28-12-2022
19. Latvia 07-12-2022 Replacement Of Surgical Instruments On Consignment Terms Ii 16-12-2022
20. Latvia 07-12-2022 "delivery Of Musical Instruments To Stanislav Broks Daugavpils Music High School" 16-12-2022
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