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Tenders From Lithuania

Lithuania has transformed itself from the old command economy to a market economy. It only has a modest deposit of natural gas and oil. Most of industries are focused on metal working, oil refining, shipbuilding, paper manufacture and machine construction. There has been always huge demand for Lithuania Tenders, Tenders from Lithuania, Lithuania International Tender Bidding, Lithuania Bid, Lithuania Bid Invitation, Lithuania Projects, Lithuania Global Tenders, Lithuania Business Opportunities, Lithuania Tender Notification, Lithuania Procurement Notices, Lithuania Tender, Lithuania Government Tender and Lithuania Contracts.

Tenders from Lithuania listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 1445
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Lithuania 21-11-2018 Orders For Fuel To The Tank Through The Cpo Lt Electronic Catalog 19-12-2022
2. Lithuania 27-11-2018 Public Procurement Of Marine Containers, Mobile Fuel Tank Tanks And Mobile Fuel Tank Tanks For Diesel With Bottling And Accounting Equipment Using The Dynamic Purchasing System 08-01-2023
3. Lithuania 21-12-2018 Procurement Of Movable Sanitary And Office Containers Through A Dynamic Purchasing System 29-01-2023
4. Lithuania 22-12-2018 Orders For Building Maintenance Services Via Cpo Lt Electronic Catalog 28-12-2022
5. Lithuania 25-02-2019 Supply Of Metal Merchandise 28-03-2023
6. Lithuania 12-04-2019 Purchase Of Vehicle Rental Services No. 11262 12-04-2023
7. Lithuania 03-05-2019 Supervision Of Building Construction 30-04-2024
8. Lithuania 07-06-2019 Tires For Minibuses 10-07-2024
9. Lithuania 07-06-2019 Tires For Trucks And Trailers 10-07-2024
10. Lithuania 12-06-2019 Furniture Orders Via The Cpo Lt Electronic Catalog 07-06-2023
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