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Tenders From Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a developing country in Central Asia. Agriculture dominates the Tajikistan economy with cotton the most important crop. Growing economy of Tajikistan has created lots of of business opportunities all over the world. There are huge demand for Tajikistan Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Bid Invitation, Online Tenders, Proposals, Projects and contracts through out the year.

Tenders from Tajikistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 58
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Tajikistan 13-01-2023 Overhaul Of The Building Of The Branch Of Amonatbonk, Located At Bokhtar City, Vahdat Avenue 25a (the Former Building Of The Branch Of "agroinvestbank"-a) 02-02-2023
2. Tajikistan 01-02-2023 Procurement And Delivery Of Lab Equipment And Furniture For Agro Laboratory 02-02-2023
3. Tajikistan 28-01-2023 Procurement And Delivery Of Lab Equipment And Furniture For Agro Laboratory 02-02-2023
4. Tajikistan 26-12-2022 Supply Of Hydraulic Suction Dredge For Dvk 03-02-2023
5. Tajikistan 27-01-2023 Purchase Of Trees, Seasonal Flowers And Organic Fertilizers 04-02-2023
6. Tajikistan 28-01-2023 Construction Of A Toilet And A Bathhouse On The Site Of The Building Of The Border Department Of Jsc Kulyaba International Airport 05-02-2023
7. Tajikistan 20-01-2023 Electronic Database "registry Of Normative Legal Acts For Customs" 06-02-2023
8. Tajikistan 25-01-2023 Support Of The Ministry Of Finance Of The Republic Of Tajikistan In The Implementation Of The Subcomponent 1.5 06-02-2023
9. Tajikistan 20-01-2023 Provision Of Consulting Services For Designing And Preparation Of Technical Specifications For Repairs And Renovation Of The Data Center Of The Customs Service Of The Government Of Republic Of Tajikistan 06-02-2023
10. Tajikistan 20-01-2023 Hire A Trade And Customs Consultant To Carry Out The Project In A Timely And Satisfactory Manner. 06-02-2023
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