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Tenders From Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan economy is in transition phase from a command to a free market economy. The Economy of is predominantly agricultural. Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world to Russia, the United States, and Canada in natural gas and oil extraction. Turkmenistan is a great source of Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Procurements, Bid Invitation, Tenders Online, Proposals, Bid Offer, Contracts, ICBs, Public Tender Notices and Turkmenistan government tenders all over world.

Tenders from Turkmenistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 68
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Turkmenistan 14-02-2024 Supply And Delivery Of Household Kitchen Supplies 28-02-2024
2. Turkmenistan 13-02-2024 International Consultant On Seismic Vulnerability And Seismic Risk 28-02-2024
3. Turkmenistan 16-02-2024 Supply And Delivery Of Household Kitchen Utensils For The Osce Center In Ashgabat 28-02-2024
4. Turkmenistan 26-02-2024 Provision Of Legal Services 29-02-2024
5. Turkmenistan 29-01-2024 Provision Of Audit Services 29-02-2024
6. Turkmenistan 30-01-2024 Lot ¹12 — Purchase Of Medical Equipment And Medical Supplies For A Health Care Diagnostic Center. Lot ¹13 — Purchase Of Medical Consumables For Central Court Medical Office. Lot ¹14 — Purchase Of Health Care Equipment For The Maternal And Child Health Edu 29-02-2024
7. Turkmenistan 01-02-2024 Hazar Consortium Announces Tender For The Purchase Of Materials 01-03-2024
8. Turkmenistan 01-02-2024 Purchase Of Specialised Motor Vehicles 01-03-2024
9. Turkmenistan 01-02-2024 Purchase Of Front Loader 01-03-2024
10. Turkmenistan 01-02-2024 Purchase Of An Off-road Truck Crane 01-03-2024
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