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Tenders From Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a centrally planned economic structure. Various Measures taken toward establishing a greater market orientation within the economy have been more cautious than in many other post-Soviet countries. There has been huge demand for Uzbekistan Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurement, Government Tenders, Tender Notices, Bid invitation, Offers, Online Bids, RFP, ICBs, Projects and Contracts all over world through out the year.

Tenders from Uzbekistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 282
Countries Date Summary Deadline
11. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Provision Of Construction 05-08-2024
12. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Purchase Of Computers And Office Equipment 10-07-2024
13. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Renewal: Purchase Of Electrodes 24-06-2024
14. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Purchase Of A Car 25-07-2024
15. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Brand Tracking And Mystery Shopping 02-07-2024
16. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Business Plan Development Services 10-07-2024
17. Uzbekistan 22-06-2024 Supply Of Construction 28-06-2024
18. Uzbekistan 21-06-2024 Supply Of Spare Parts For Gas Turbine Drive 27-06-2024
19. Uzbekistan 21-06-2024 Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply And Construction Of Cooling Tower 11-07-2024
20. Uzbekistan 21-06-2024 Extension: Reconstruction Of The Cable Line 24-06-2024
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