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Tenders From Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a centrally planned economic structure. Various Measures taken toward establishing a greater market orientation within the economy have been more cautious than in many other post-Soviet countries. There has been huge demand for Uzbekistan Tenders, Tender Notification, Public Tender Notices, Public Procurement, Government Tenders, Tender Notices, Bid invitation, Offers, Online Bids, RFP, ICBs, Projects and Contracts all over world through out the year.

Tenders from Uzbekistan listed below:

Total No Of Tenders - 282
Countries Date Summary Deadline
1. Uzbekistan 26-02-2024 Component 4: Project Financial Audit: - Financial Audit Firm Will Be Selected Through The Least-cost Selection (lcs) Method Among The Local Short-listed Consultancy Firms. 31-12-2024
2. Uzbekistan 26-02-2024 Component 1: Access To Quality Basic Infrastructure: - Rural Basic Infrastructure To Be Procured Through Ncb And Shopping Methods; - Market Infrastructure To Be Procured Through Ncb And Shopping Methods. 31-12-2024
3. Uzbekistan 26-02-2024 Component 2: Consultancy Services For Rural Infrastructure Development: - Technical Engineering Support Service To Be Selected Through The Quality And Cost-based Selection (qcbs) Method Among The National Shortlisting; - Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant 31-12-2024
4. Uzbekistan 26-02-2024 Component 3: Project Management Support: - Piu Expenses Will Be Selected Through The Shopping Methods And The Key Staff To Be Selected Through The Individual Consultant Selection Method 31-12-2024
5. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 Concrete Pavement Specialist 30-06-2025
6. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 Contract Management Specialist 30-06-2025
7. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 National Gender Specialist 30-06-2025
8. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 External Auditor To Carry Out Internal Audit 30-06-2025
9. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 National Social Resettlement Specialist 30-06-2025
10. Uzbekistan 28-03-2024 Construction Supervision Consultant (for Civil Works And Wim) For 3 Lots 30-06-2025
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